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Top Voice Engine Optimisation strategies that help your website rank higher

Voice engine optimisation is the future. According to the Search Engine Journal, over 25,000.000 smart speakers were sold in 2017. The reason behind simply being that businesses realised that consumers now prefer voice search over text search. With voice search, there is no need to type, the answer is read back and it’s faster. As […]

Hottest Web Design Trends in 2018

The best web experience is as a result of different factors; most of which take place behind your screen. However, there are also those factors that are presented on the screen which makes it worthwhile to spend hours surfing the internet and doing whatever you want, such as online banking, online shopping or even playing […]

Is it better to use Infinite Scrolling or Pagination when it comes to SEO

Does pagination work better than infinite scrolling for SEO? Increased numbers of leads, and increased sales profits. These are two of the main aims of any business, and your website is there to help you achieve them. You are never going to achieve either of these aims if people do not visit your website. This […]