The Best Four Real Estate Website Design Trends


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During this time of the year, we sum up the latest trends of 2016. Although the year hasn’t finished, the biggest trends already have made a great impact. Real estate agents are individuals who have to seek their own clients. The internet has given these agents a great outlet to find new leads and make a sale on the web. Unlike before, the web has made a big impact because of its popularity and the real estate market is booming with a large percentage of web sales! About 90 percent of individuals search on the web now to find a new home or find a listing agent. The internet is the newest and greatest trusted source out there. It has tons of information and companies listed. Every person can find a service a click away. Read a great likes of the newest web trends that all real estate agents should try out!

1- White Spaces. We are in an era where the less you have on your website, the more it is. White spaces are actually white spaces that surround elements of a website. So of course this does mean that sidebars have moved away,but the white space design has a great effect and brings a great first impression to a website visitor

2-Responsive Design. Androids, Iphones, and Tables all have different screen proportions. With popularity increasing, every person has a phone with internet access in hand. Now every designer should make a habit of making every web site template responsive. Responsive sites will auto scale for any device that a website may be browsed on. For real estate agents, a responsive web design will make it easy for any website visitor to browse through new homes and look at the picture gallery! Responsive web designers should be a no brainer for every website!


3-Increase you Text. Increasing text has become more and more popular. Before h tags where the largest on the page, now regular p tags have gone up to 30px. Increasing your text is also helpful for mobile view.

4-Subscribers. A subscriber/mail listing has been very effect for agents these last 3 years. When a visitor goes to a real estate agents website, they should have an option of subscribing on a page. When a visitor subscribes, he/she will leave their email and allow the agent to add them to their mail listing. Now, the real estate agent has the option of sending everyone on his/her mail listing the latest homes that are for sale. The subscription box on a website is very easy for any regular person to understand. Just as the person subscribes, the realtor is allowed to send that person emails and they will get notified before anyone else about a new listing that may come up.

The above four tips are the latest trends in web design and some real estate agents already have adapted to these trends. They are easy to do and it is always good for any business or  individual to follow the newest web trends and keep their site up to date.

Top tips for building a travel website

There are a number of essential factors to consider when you want to build a travel website. Although you will be hiring a designer to carry out the actual work, it is worth keeping the following issues in mind to ensure you and your designer are on the same page from the start.


Make it responsive

Responsive design is a special type of web design that has become increasingly important as the popularity of the mobile web continues to grow.

It essentially involves designing websites that change depending on the type of device being used to view them. So while people viewing your site on desktops will see one version of the site, people viewing it on mobile devices will see another.


Many people now use their mobiles to view websites, especially when it comes to travel sites, so you want to provide them with a good experience on your site.

If your site is not mobile friendly, it is also unlikely to show up in the mobile search results, which could affect your visitor numbers.

So when you are considering hiring a travel website designer, always ask them about their experience with responsive design.

Choose a suitable CMS

The platform that you use will also be an important decision. Designers use a range of platforms to create websites, so it is worth knowing a bit about these before making your decision.

One option that many companies now prefer is a CMS (content management system).

These are platforms that allow you to create pages, edit content, add images and add new features to your site without having to worry about coding. They are very user friendly, and they essentially provide you with more control over your website.

WordPress is the most well-known CMS, but another popular choice is Umbraco. Many travel website designers use these to create professional websites that look great and are easy to use, so it is well worth considering.

Take advantage of specialist tools

There are a number of specialist tools that you may want to use when building your website to add greater functionality.

For example, you may want to use a dynamic packaging engine. These are often used in travel sites to enable you to provide more competitive prices, upload stock, provide reporting and pick suppliers for travel packages, so you may want to ensure your site has one built in.

Use large, high-quality images

Don’t forget about the importance of images when you design your website. An experienced travel designer will know all about how crucial it is to bring your website to life using images, and this is another factor to make sure you consider.

You can use images to inspire your visitors and encourage them to spend more time on your site.

So make sure you find some stunning images to place on your home page and other pages of your site, and work with your designer to ensure they look amazing for all of your visitors (and don’t forget to optimise them for SEO)

Consider all of these factors

Your travel website is so important to your business, and it is essential that you get the website you are hoping for. All of these factors will play a large role in the design of your site, so make sure you choose a designer who understands your concerns. That way, you will be far more likely to end up with the travel site you are hoping for.