10 Useless and Strange USB Gadgets

USB Self-Misting Hairbrush

Whether we are at home or at work, we all use our PC’s USB ports to connect a wide variety of accessories and peripherals. Though we usually use them to connect a mouse or maybe an external drive, USB lamps and PC coolers are sometimes desirable accessories. However, for each one of these branded USB gadgets we will also find available on the market stupendously whimsical and tacky devices that use USB ports as well. Though they are numerous, we will only talk about ten which caught our attention.

USB Heated Blanket

If your workplace is a freezer, then you definitely need this gadget. What’s more, since it is only 2.5 x 1.5 feet, deciding which part of your body to warm first is not going to be an easy decision.

USB Fishquarium

Hard to explain what this is exactly. Maybe something comparable to an organizer full of supplies and pens? Keep in mind that the fish isn’t included.

USB Typewriter Keyboard

A piece of nostalgia that costs $700. We are not joking about the nostalgia bit, as this gadget can only be useful if you plan to have your grandmother write something on your PC and you want to avoid confusion. At that price, keyboards are still a better option.

Humping Dog USB Key

If you like plastic Beagles humping your PC and making noise, then this is the perfect accessory for you. Though at first it may seem funny, there is no doubt that it will slowly become annoying and distracting.

USB-powered Crave Duet Vibrator

Though this gadget is rather unconventional, it might actually be useful every now and then. Especially since it comes with a rechargeable battery and 8GB or 16GB memory capacity. Its doubles use may actually double the pleasure.

USB Self-Misting Hairbrush

This hairbrush promises to de-tangle your locks and, simultaneously water them and charge the USB. Though this gadget seems useless, some of you might find it interesting. Its battery can stream for almost two and a half hours.

USB Air-Conditioned Tie

On hot summer days, neckties aren’t precisely comfortable. Well, this Japanese gadget – manufactured by Thanko, renowned for the useless and awkward USB gadgets it comes up with, – invented the USB Air-Conditioning Ties. This tie, with a plastic knot that houses a small fan, is meant to blow fresh air into your chin. Imagine the feeling of relief and comfort of having something blow under your chin.

Dual-Heated Travel Mug

Though the concept is interesting, its developers overlooked some essential aspects. Keeping your tea or coffee hot is actually a very nice idea. However, we have to be careful and remember not to wash these mugs in the dishwasher.

USB Plasma Ball

Have plasma balls ever been popular? Hard to say. But this USB-powered gadget tries to bring back some 90’s nostalgia with a hipster-size irony dose.

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