Hottest Web Design Trends in 2018

The best web experience is as a result of different factors; most of which take place behind your screen. However, there are also those factors that are presented on the screen which makes it worthwhile to spend hours surfing the internet and doing whatever you want, such as online banking, online shopping or even playing online games. Online games particularly need great responsive sites coupled with the best web design trends.  As such, you can visit games sites to play now and check out the best online games and web designs. Most of these sites incorporate the following web design trends that are currently making waves.

Adventurous colours

Coming to the fore in late 2017, bold colours in web design is the new default as the trend has transcended into 2018 as well. Bold colours are being used across all digital platforms therefore not only in web design. Branding themes for many sports programmes including the 2017/18 Premier League commercial ads and online games are taking on bold colours. Internet browsers have also joined the bandwagon taking on bold colours in their new versions. One such example is the new Mozilla Developer Edition which has a standout dark blue colour.

Inventive typography

A trend just in its infancy but expected to grow as the year wears on pertains to the rise in custom fonts. Devices, computers, tablets and smartphones’ resolutions are getting sharper by each update and new version. As such, there is a growing need for typography with great aesthetic effect and with tons of personality. This is where inventive typography comes in as it seeks to subtlety is pushed aside paving way for more customised fonts. In addition, 2018 is to see the return of serif and sans-serif fonts as the web developers search for the perfect typefaces.

New flat design

Flat design was the in-thing during the first days of the web. However, subsequent innovations led flat design to lose its lustre but 2018 is the year in which flat design makes it return albeit with a lot of changes. The new flat design comes with more depth in its prior ascetic identity and nuance. With the return of flat design, it also marks the return of shadows and gradients which had been cast aside by 2D design and minimalism. Shadows and gradients come with subtler transitions and updated vibrant colourpallets. Shadows and gradients will be more visible in logo designs and web headers.

Playful illustration

There is a general feeling among web developers that web design in recent years had focused more on commercialisation and in the process had become detached from the people. However, 2018 is going to change that as the web looks to inject more personality through illustrations. The illustrations will come in infinite styles, shapes, and sizes and will not affect the functionality of the web rather will just aim at humanising the web. Playfulness is also to be injected in collaboration with the illustrations as there is a belief that humane illustrations come better in a playful manner. In addition, the illustrations will also aid in explaining and presenting information on the web.

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