Northern Ireland Weather

This handy 5 day weather widget will provide all the latest Northern Ireland weather details. Feel free to bookmark this page and return on a regular basis. The Northern Ireland climate can be summed up as being mild with a lack of temperature extremes. The Northern Ireland weather is an often discussed topic and this is probably because it is so changeable with a tendency to downpour at any moment. Here are some interesting facts taken from a list of 100:

- The Armagh Planeterium began taking weather measurements in 1795. Their records, which continue today, are the longest continuous set of weather records in Ireland and they are now being used to study climate change.

- Northern Ireland's highest monthly sunshine record (298.0 hours) was recorded in Mount Stewart, County Down.

- Castlederg recorded a Northern Ireland record low temperature of −18.6 °C (−1.5 °F) at 9:00 GMT on the 23rd December 2010.

- Northern Ireland's highest recorded temperature is 30.8 °C (87.4 °F) reported at Knockarevan, County Fermanagh on June 30 1976 and Shaw's Bridge, Belfast, County Antrim 1976-06-30 July 12 1983.

- Slieve Donard (852 Metres) in County Down is the highest mountain in Northern Ireland.