Tips for creating a successful Ecommerce Website

Sometimes developing an Ecommerce website can be considered complex. You must constantly add new products with new proposals, bring traffic to your ecommerce website, respond to customers in a timely fashion, and train your employees in using the e-commerce site backend.


In this article I will write a couple of things that in my opinion works well when developing a successful ecommerce website.

For the most part, for any e-commerce site that I encountered, including my own, there is always room for improvement. If you follow the following steps you will increase sales on your site.

Create e-commerce site
Understand what you want to do before you start. Understand before starting in which direction you want to go and how you will get there. Invest some time to identify the objectives of your business, your strategies and tactics you will follow to achieve these objectives. Remember to write them all down.

Developing an e-commerce site
Do you struggle to figure out how you’re going to make money, how the various parts of your sales system will work together to create a successful ecommerce. Understand the e-commerce software before you even start. Understanding the software will give you a major advantage over your biggest competitors.

Understanding your customer
Try to understand who your customers are and what they want from you. Why do they come to your online store and why they buy from you and not from your competitors? Are they loyal customers? Or do they buy only once and then never again. If this is the case, how can you change this and get them back to purchase something again.


Sell products that customers want to buy. Once you understand your customers you are able to sell products that meet their needs. Observes the newest market trends and anticipate what they may want next. When you find a product that is already a best seller on another website, you most probably already lost the race.


Buy more stock at a lower price. This old sales method is truer than ever before for those who would like to create an ecommerce website. You have little control over prices on the internet. But you have more control over how much you pay for your own stock. Negotiate a good price for you products and you will be able to compete with the biggest commerce sites on the net.

Invest money into Search Marketing and other marketing services

Invest in the search engine optimization services, online advertising services like Google Add words, develop  an interesting blog, use social media and other marketing strategies to bring people to your online shop that are members of the niche market that you are targeting.  Also try new ideas in bringing more traffic to your website. You can never have enough traffic.

Superior online navigation

Make sure that the ecommerce web site, the content, the goods, landing pages, promotions, and shopping cart and customer service, payment mode all perfectly support your sale strategy.

Diversify interactions
Try to customize every single customer interaction. You don’t want them to think they are talking to a machine.  This is a simple idea but will give your website that personal touch. For example, you always would strive to add the first name of the person when sending the newsletter. Strive to provide a shopping experience that is uniquely compatible with the characteristics of your ecommerce platform.

After the sale
Make contact with your client after the sale. Make sure they are happy. If there is a stock issue on your side, make sure you contact them as soon as possible. Most customers will be happy that you contacted them even if it’s bad news.

Think Mobile
Mobile commerce is the new frontier on ecommerce market. Make sure your site is mobile friendly as many people now buy their goods online using a smart phone or tablets.

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