Link / Sync Facebook to Twitter

These step by step instructions set up Facebook so that any posts you make to Facebook will also appear in / are synced to Twitter.

1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Link a Page to Twitter’

3. Click on ‘Link to Twitter’

4. Oddly, nothing happens… Or does it? Look carefully and you will notice that the URL in the browser bar has changed. Copy that URL and paste it into a new browser.

5. Click on ‘Allow’ to allow your Facebook account to post to your twitter account: ‘brwilson71’ in my case.

6. Congratulations. You are now sharing your Facebook updates on twitter. Don’t forget, updates made to Facebook that get posted to Twitter may be seen by everyone.

Also, see how to link Twitter to Facebook.

How to Link your Website with Facebook

When you have a website up and running, you may want to link it to your Facebook account. Here’s how:

  • Create a fan page – If you already have a Facebook account, ensure you create a fan page as opposed to creating a separate ‘business’ Facebook account as Facebook does not allow multiple accounts for one person. If you do set up two accounts and Facebook discovers this, they may ban both accounts.
  • Market your fan page – follow the Facebook ‘Get Started’ steps that can be found on the fan page.
    • Invite your friends – invite your Facebook friends to join the Fan page by going to your fan page and clicking the “Suggest to friends” link. This will bring up a pop up box with a list of your friends to invite. Click the “Send Invitation” button and an invite will go to your friends asking them to become a fan of your page.
    • Tell your fans – Facebook Page administrators can send all their email contacts an invitation to ‘Like’ their Page through a tool called “Tell Your Fans”. You can import contacts directly from web email accounts such as Hotmail or Gmail, or alternatively you can upload contacts from a contact file exported from the web email account.
    • Promote the fan page on your website – Link back to your Facebook fan page by generating HTML to add to your page using the Facebook ‘Like-Box’ Social Plugin.
  • You can create hyperlinks, for example to your website, on any status updates you make in your Fan Page. You can publish these status updates to all your friends from your Fan Page or just your fans – people who have clicked ‘Like’ on your Fan Page.
  • Fan Page Sidebar – you can add a banner here, for example your company logo, which redirects people to your website when clicked. Note: You need to use Facebook FBML to do this.
  • If you blog on your website, for example using WordPress, then you can allow readers to ‘like’ and share your blog post on their own Facebook page. WordPress plugins I would recommend are “Easy Facebook Like Button” and “AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button”.