KB Linker WordPress Plugin

KB Linker is a plugin for WordPress that automatically assigns URLs to keywords or phrases that you specify in your WordPress KB Linker settings. When you create a post on your blog, you will then not need to explicitly assign a hyperlink to that phrase or keyword as KB Linker will do it for you automatically.

For example, in the settings you can point the phrase “KB Linker” to the website ‘http://adambrown.info/b/widgets/kb-linker/’

using the following syntax:

kb linker->http://adambrown.info/b/widgets/kb-linker/

If you then add a post to your blog containing the phrase “KB Linker” and publish the post, you will notice that the phrase now has a hyperlink.

This is a very handy plugin as you don’t have to explicitly create hyperlinks for common websites that you link to. It can also help with Search Engine Optimization with regards to ease of creating internal cross-references on your blog.

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