The advantages of having an online shop in your Northern Ireland based website are numerous:

  1. Recession means people are spending more online. Our Northern Ireland eCommerce Report suggests that more people in the north of Ireland will spend a greater proportion of their retail budget on the web due to the recession.
  2. No time or distance barriers. Anyone can log on to the Internet at any time or day and purchase or sell anything they wish.
  3. Niche Markets. Customers for such markets can be relatively few. However, on the internet, such niche markets can generate sizable incomes.
  4. Lower Cost of Sale. As there is no human interaction during an eCommerce transaction, the cost of selling the product or service is reduced.
  5. Reduction in processing errors. As well as being faster and more convenient for the visitor an automated system reduces the number mistakes made during the ordering process.
  6. Costs are reduced. Document preparation, Data entry, Telephone calling, Error detection and correction, Mail preparation, Reconciliation and Overtime expenses are reduced.