Tips for Increasing the Productivity and Efficiency of Your Workers


Being productive can turn out to be a problem after being employed for a year or two. It’s difficult to motivate yourself and stay efficient. Getting the same amount of work done on a daily basis becomes more and more difficult. Additionally, even weather conditions can make it difficult for you to be productive. So, one day after another, our performance starts to drop. All of this can lead to stress, since it’s highly plausible to start worrying whether you’ll be able to keep your job or not.

If these problems sound familiar to you, then you might want to go through the following article. Here, we will explain and exemplify how you can boost your efficiency at workplace. There are different tips here, and some of them might not work for you, but you’ll certainly be able to find a few that will do the trick.

Compete with yourself


One way to make your work more interesting is to add a healthy dose of competition. The whole point of this exercise is to beat the person you were yesterday, and here’s how you can do it. Simply, keep track of how much work you can do during one day. You don’t have to give it your best and burn out, just work at your regular pace and see how much you can take on. The rest is simple; you need to outperform that score the following day, and that basically becomes your new high score, which you must beat the next day, and so on.

Again, the point of this exercise is not to give everything you’ve got over the course of one working day, but to gradually increase the workload so that your moderate capacity reaches new heights. If you manage to do 30% more work with same amount of energy, it means that you’ve increased your efficiency.

Take small breaks

Every workplace, has one or two big breaks, these are approximately 20-30 minutes long. However, it doesn’t mean that this will be enough, so you might need additional breaks in order to maintain your productivity. If you are stuck and can’t continue, then stand up and have a good stretch, or go drink a glass of water. These small breaks can be just what you need in order to keep going. Plus, if you drink water and hydrate properly, your body will respond positively to it. After all, it’s extremely unhealthy to sit for an entire day, thus these small breaks will have a positive impact on your health.  

Use adequate software

Most modern businesses use online tools, or knowledge management software to increase their efficiency. There are many different online software solutions that can help you out, since basically these tools are specifically made to meet demands of specific lines of work. In other words, regardless of the nature of your job, there is a good chance that some helpful software already exists. The problem is that, with so many different options, you can’t know for sure which one is the most reliable.

You can find out however, and all you need to do is go through a couple of customer reviews and feedbacks, and you’ll see whether the software you want to use will be good enough. You can also go for a trial period and try it out for free. Just go over online software reviews, and see how they were evaluated; this should narrow your options.

Team building exercise


In order to be productive, you also need to like your job, your working environment, and your co-workers. One way to achieve this is to organize a team building exercise. It can be a simple vacation that all the co-workers will spend together, or it can include some fun sports activates and completions, etc. It all depends on what kind of people your teammates are and what kind of activities they prefer. The point is to have a fun experience you can bond over, and turn your workplace into a more friendly environment, so that workers don’t feel like they are working with complete strangers.

Avoid unnecessary business meetings

Business meetings are a good thing definitely, however, there is no need to have them frequently.  When everything goes as planned and if there are no problems, then do not break the productive atmosphere. If you have meetings once a week, but it turns out that it’s a mere formality, then just skip them; it is an unnecessary waste of time.

Better task distribution

The advice mentioned before concerning software should help you out mainly in this department, but it would be good to take some time and optimize task distribution. Everyone should share an even amount of the workload, no doubt about it, but it would be ideal to stack compatible tasks together. For example, if one worker is already acquainted with a particular project and there is a similar project that needs to be tackled, then you can assign that project to the person who is more likely to complete it with greater ease.

Turn off social networks


It would be wise to block off access to social networks, since people are very likely to start wasting time by scrolling endlessly to see what’s in their news feed. First of all, no one will mind that this feature is turned off, since they are not supposed to use it anyway. Although this advice might not work for companies that are supposed to post on social media, since these websites are a part of their working routine, all things considered, it is a distraction in most cases.

Get in the zone

One of the best ways to get your job done is to “get in the zone”. There is no official name for this routine, but this name is pretty adequate. Basically, you say to yourself, “I will focus my attention to work for an entire hour.” This becomes your personal task, so you see just how much you can achieve by solely working for 60 minutes. The results are quite surprising actually, and it will help you build up your focus. Once the hour is done, you can have a break and take a look at a video online and then get back in the zone, once again. It’s a really good method, and it helps you do a lot of work over the course of your working day.

Have a healthy sleeping cycle

If you want to stay focus and function properly, you’ll need to have a healthy sleeping cycle. It will ensure that you are well rested and motivated for a new working day. You should turn in at around 9 or 10 pm and be up and about at 7 am. If you want to fall asleep more easily, you should try some useful diet tips that will help you fall asleep. Also, try to turn off all of the devices that keep you awake, and if you have some extra energy, do a quick workout before you go to bad.

Do something fun when you are taking a break

A break is a wonderful opportunity to really get to love your workplace. So, it would be good to have some fun activates during a break, just to unwind and forget about work for a moment. A pool table can be a good idea, or table soccer. You can also all chip in to buy a gaming console and a TV, so that you can play video games, and have some quality time with your team members. Basically, this can be a form of a team building exercise, while you are all in the office.

There you go! These are some creative ways you can use to your advantage to boost productivity. You can also use a funny tactic from the TV series “The Office”, where you all watch a movie and then work extra hard, just so that you can make up for the lost time. All things considered, I hope you’ll find these tips useful and that they will help you be more productive and efficient at your workplace for a long time.

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