Is it better to use Infinite Scrolling or Pagination when it comes to SEO

Does pagination work better than infinite scrolling for SEO?

Increased numbers of leads, and increased sales profits. These are two of the main aims of any business, and your website is there to help you achieve them. You are never going to achieve either of these aims if people do not visit your website. This is where good SEO comes in; to help you gain the highest possible search engine rankings.

There are many aspects which go hand in hand to create effective SEO. We are going to examine one factor; whether to use pagination or infinite scrolling.

What is pagination?

Google itself uses pagination on its results pages. You can see numbers across the bottom of the page, indicating how many pages of results there are. You can also see a next and previous option, so that you can simply choose the next page, or the previous one.

What is infinite scrolling?

If you have ever taken a look at a news page on a social media site, you have probably seen infinite scrolling at work. In order to read content on the page, you simply need to carry on scrolling. As a story continues, so updates can be added to the top of the screen; as can more stories.

What is the best choice from an SEO perspective?

Pagination and infinite scrolling are both used on a regular basis; but which is the best choice when it comes to SEO? You have to make the decision based on your requirements, and what you want from your website. But, there are some things you should consider.

  • When infinite scrolling is used, content is hidden until it’s visible on the screen. Although Google does index hidden content, it’s not as easy to find as content that is always visible. This can be a disadvantage for SEO purposes.
  • When pagination is used, there are direct links between content which makes it easier for Google to find it. Using next and previous indicators also makes the process easier.

Generally, if you want to make your content easier for Google to find, it makes sense to use pagination. This does not mean that infinite scrolling cannot be useful at times. It’s easy for people to trawl through all of the information present, without having to click from page to page.

You should be able to clearly see the difference between infinite scrolling and pagination. If you need further help deciding which the best choice is for you, it’s a good idea to speak to an expert in marketing online in Sydney.

They can discuss your SEO with you in detail, and explain the effects of using pagination or infinite scrolling. You can get advice that is specific to your situation. This should help you make a decision which results in you increasing traffic to your site, and thereby increases leads and sales for your business. This is the most important aspect of your website’s performance.

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