3D Printed Wedding Favors

Two dimensional wedding favors are the norm but that doesn’t mean you are limited to using them. Thanks to advances in technology it is now possible to create and print out 3D objects, including some that make a great wedding favor.

3d Printer

Though you may not traditionally think of them as wedding favors, 3D placeholders can be a nice favor to send your guests home with. This allows you to provide each guest with a 3D printout of their name written in cursive. The printed out 3D placeholders don’t necessarily have to sit on tables, as you can clip them to something or hang them from strings, ribbons or other decorative material.

For an offbeat and quirky wedding favor, you can use a 3D printer to create the glasses IMAX movie goers are given. This is an especially appropriate wedding favor if you and your partner are movie buffs.

Another out of the box idea for wedding favors designed for female guests are 3D high heeled shoes. All you need is double sided paper in a pattern that you like, with some plain colored paper and ribbons and you can create a unique and memorable wedding favor. You can turn the high heeled shoes into a box of treats and send guests home with mini chocolates or mints.

There are endless options for 3D printed wedding favors. This includes window ornaments, key chains and more. Almost any wedding favor you can think of can be created with a 3D printer. One idea that you can use is to create a mini 3D chair. You can personalize it anyway you choose to.

Aside from objects you can also use 3D technology to create delicious snacks you can use as wedding favors. For a conversation starter you can give your wedding guests sugar sculptures, which can be great for a wintertime wedding because the sculpture is likely to look like snowflakes. You can also choose to make 3D chocolate candies that are actually edible. Taking it one step further you can create chocolate faces of you and your partner. For a Christmas themed wedding you can create 3D Christmas cookies for your guests.

Additionally, you can use 3D printing technology to create add-ons for traditional wedding favors. You can make place card holders, centerpiece vases, and even containers to hold sparklers for weddings or anything else that you can imagine. 3D printers open up a whole new world of possibilities!

Purchasing wedding favors is not as creative as printing out your own 3D favors. Doing so makes it easy to personalize them for your wedding. Your guests will appreciate that you took the time to create unique 3D favors for them. It can also be a fun way to relax and unwind from the stress of everything that goes into planning a wedding.

Creating your own 3D favors gives you a chance to do something thoughtful that your guests will remember and appreciate. Couples that think outside the box often prefer to create their own wedding favors as opposed to purchasing the standard favors people expect to get at a wedding.

3D printed wedding favors are becoming the trendy choice among younger couples. Only time will tell if they continue to be a popular option for weddings.

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