The Quest for the Perfect and Cheap Stock Images

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” No matter how cliché and overused the saying has become, it is reiterated again and again because it is a universal truth. Humans tend to be visual creatures, and as such, tend to absorb information quickly using the sense of sight. Also, if you are trying to convey a thought, idea or concept, you can literally spend a thousand words trying to explain it. However, a single, well-thought out photo can get the point across better and faster. That is the reason why there are plenty of photo agencies that sell cheap stock images that are available for everyone.


Cheap Stock Images Prints and Printing Providers

Typically, most marketing campaigns and advertising strategies rely on pictures to convey their ideas to their user base. Whether it is print ads, bulletin boards or pamphlets, pictures are almost always present in one way or another. Big companies often order a specific photo shoot from professional photographers and models that work hand in hand with their big marketing team to produce the best quality photos to be used.

However, this takes a considerable amount of time, money and manpower and not every company has the capacity to do this. Especially for small entrepreneurs or start-ups, they do not have the extra money or manpower to do this. This is where stock photos come in as they are a very good alternative to studio-made photo shoots.

Of course, custom-made photo shoots have an advantage since it is made with your brand in mind; however, stock photos aren’t bad or as generic as people make it seem. There are countless stock images that you can use and that huge amount of choices can help you find one that will suit your needs. Also, they are significantly cheaper which makes it perfect for small, blitz-like campaigns or quick mock-ups.

The Different Stock Image Agencies

As with any growing industry, businesses that cater to providing end users with plenty of good quality stock images are seemingly as numerous as the amount of images themselves. However, there are a few names that are more popular than others and these are the agencies that most people visit when looking for stock images.


This agency is a popular stock gallery that offers really affordable prices. You can get one royalty free stock photo for the low price of 28¢. Also, by signing up to their services, you will be able to avail of various freebies and bonuses such as their weekly free photos.


You can grab a royalty free stock image for only 20¢ and you also get to enjoy a free photo gallery upon signing up. Their sign up procedure is quick and easy and they offer a flexible system wherein you can grab a 20¢ photo easily.


This agency is a very popular one since you also get a free image gallery to use. However, it also offers a Microsoft add-on as well as the Fotolia Desktop—their centralized hub for all of their services. Also, you get to purchase stock images for as low as 14¢ and this makes the agency a great deal.


On Depositphotos, you can actually purchase a stock photo for as low as 10¢. This gives you a royalty free stock photo that you can use anywhere. As of now, they are offering a free trial for all new sign ups in which you can download 5 photos every day for one week for a total of 35 photos of 10¢ photos. Membership is free which makes it a very good agency to sign up for.


This agency has a very huge library of stock images where you can grab a photo for less than 1¢ per image. It boasts of more than 2.5 million images so you are sure to find the perfect images for a very low, low price.

Looking for the Perfect Cheap Stock Images

Unfortunately, despite the features and offers, the abovementioned agencies can never be considered the perfect place to look for any and all type of stock photos. Different agencies offer different images and to look for the perfect image suitable to your needs is daunting. Fortunately, you can easily solve this by visiting Photo and Pictures as they carry the most extensive list of excellent images that carry the perfect stock image that you need. Visit their website

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