Improve your E-Commerce store’s credibility

Paying for items online these days needs to be fast, efficient and trust worthy. There are various elements that need to make the customer want to consider buying your product or services therefore it is important to get the basics right for everything to work together and make your business successful. To increase your ecommerce rates you need these various elements to keep the customers happy.


online shopping

  • Images

If you are selling a product you need to ensure that the image you provide of the product is only of the best quality that you can produce. People need to have an idea of what they are getting it is important that the product is shown in all its various angles; this helps you encourage the consumer to buy your product or service that will be provided.


  • Description

A description that will entice the customer to buy the product or service is essential. This will basically help you sell the product faster. One needs to provide enough information so the customer will not have any doubts or queries about the product. You should offer a long version describing the product in detail and a shorter version for those who are less interested but still interested. The shorter version needs to be more intriguing than the long version in order to get the possible customer to want to know more.


  • Allow Your Customers to Customise

The game ‘The Sims’ is arguably popular as you get to customise people and houses to your own liking. Customising is like a game for people; they feel as if they made it by choosing matching colours etc. By allowing people to customise it will end up costing them more money. If you want to make money I suggest you allow people to customise on your online store.


  • Offer Free Shipping

It is obviously going to make you product less appealing if a shipping cost is involved it is just a fact. People will do anything to save money as it is in human nature of course! It is crucial that you offer free shipping or at least include it in the price in order to allow your product to look more pleasing at attractive to the eye. If you do decide to rather charge for shipping, make sure the customer is aware of this as they might not want to use your services again if you are not an honest sales person.


  • Sales and More Sales

Naturally most people are drawn to sales, like I said before; any opportunity to save money is what any normal human will want. Many people actually look for sales and specials when visiting online stores. This may increase the amount of produce you sold. Be sure to work with your product and maybe when you have left over stock when you have new stock have a sale or special with new stock items.


  • Use a trusted e-commerce platform

People often tend to ignore using e-commerce platforms and instead opt for traditional PHP based store. This is a big mistake, e-commerce stores are different from your regular sites/blogs and need specific elements to ensure strong user engagement. Your store should have a seamless order flow which is not something smoothly accomplished via PHP. Reputed Ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Prestashop are specially designed to make your e-commerce store perfect. Browse Shopify themes online and select the one that best suits your need.

Improve your ecommerce with some of these simple steps and allow your business to slowly begin blossom.