What You Need to Consider When Performing International SEO

You already know how important SEO is when it comes to the promotion of your website and your business, but if you’re attempting to break into new markets around the globe, it’s time to look into what international SEO is all about as well.

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Check out the information below if you’re planning on implementing international SEO strategies throughout your website, as there are certain things that you need to consider while you tackle this important promotional tactic.

Don’t Merely Translate Your Text

One of the most common mistakes made by website owners who want to incorporate international SEO is simply translating the text that’s on their pages. A lot of people end up using free apps that aren’t all that accurate, resulting in damage to the company’s brand and ultimately being useless for SEO.

Remember that different languages use different phrasing, so what you say in English may not make sense when you translate each word in a sentence without considering the nuances of that language. Therefore, stick to hiring a professional translation agency for the best results.

Google Isn’t the Most Popular Search Engine in Every Country

Even though Google is a hugely popular global company, the truth is that it isn’t the most widely used search engine in several countries, including China, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic, and South Korea. In those countries, other search engines, such as Seznam (Czech Republic), Naver (South Korea), Yandex (Russia), and Baidu (China), are more popular. Therefore, you should become familiar with each country’s preferred search engine’s SEO tips and rules.

Be Aware of Different Trends in Different Cultures

Another thing you need to consider is the fact that various cultures throughout the world will have their own trends. So while people in the UK might be searching for Christmas throughout November and December, as an example, other cultures may be celebrating a totally different holiday, or none at all, at that time of year. Being aware of various cultures and their individual trends, from the music that they like to the holidays that they celebrate, is key to being able to implement SEO strategies that will make your site show up in search results.

When In Doubt, Hire Experts to Help

SEO experts, as well as marketing experts like Sioux Falls Marketing, are available to help you optimize your website for your home country as well as for countries throughout the world. So if you find yourself struggling to figure out what search engines you need to optimize your site for, or the different trends that you need to be aware of, hiring outside experts could be the best option, as it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Once your international SEO tactics have been implemented, you’ll be able to effectively reach a much wider, global audience and hopefully increase conversions, as well as your popularity, throughout the world. So even though it does require quite a bit of effort, the rewards will definitely make all the hard work worthwhile.