Call a PHP script from Magento

I recently had some difficulty calling a simple PHP script from within the Magento eCommerce Platform. Although the following example focuses on calling a VoltRank PHP script, you can replace the code within VRank.phtml with your own PHP script.

VoltRank PHP Script Installation in Magento

Create a new template file to contain the PHP. The file should reside within the ‘template’ directory. I have put the file within the “catalog/category” subdirectory:

VoltRank VRank.phtml in template Directory

VoltRank VRank.phtml in template Directory

Copy and paste your PHP code into the .phtml file:

VoltRank PHP Code

VoltRank PHP Code

Call PHP from Magento Static Block

Using the Magento GUI interface, navigate to CMS->Static Blocks and select the block to be edited. In this case, I am editing the Footer Left block. Create the highlighted code to call the template code.

Magento Call Voltrank to PHP code

Magento Call Voltrank to PHP code

{{block type= 'catalog/navigation' name='catalog.category' template='catalog/category/VRank.phtml'}}

Call VoltRank PHP Script from Magento – Troubleshooting

If it looks like the PHP script is not being called, then take steps to debug by turning on display of errors in index.php. Uncomment this line:

#ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Any errors should then display on the page if there is a problem with the PHP. Otherwise, your Magento eCommerce CMS should be successfully calling your VoltRank PHP code!

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