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Put your link building on autopilot with Linxboss!

Linxboss is a completely automated, SET IT AND FORGET IT, SEO link building tool.

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Linxboss Overview

When I first heard about Linxboss I was skeptical. After all, Link Building and Automation usually doesn’t go hand-in-hand. However, I was drawn to give Linxboss a try due to a combination of the positive reviews it received and, if I am being honest, by the thought that I could reduce my amount of time writing articles, blog posts and other time-intensive activities. So, I signed up. At $147 a month Linxboss is on a par with well respected link building tools such as Linkvana. The difference is that Linkvana is NOT set and forget. No, with Linkvana and practically all other link building networks (Build My Rank, Blog Blueprint etc), you have to spend time, and lots of it, writing and submitting articles one at a time. This can be fun at the start but quickly becomes a chore. Linxboss is different. If you ever wished for a completely automated link building solution that you could just put on autopilot – no article writing, spinning or content submission then Linxboss is the tool for you.

What do you get for your money with Linxboss?

So what do you get for your $147? Actually, you get quite a lot. Linxboss gives you one thousand links split across 5 domains or to put it another way, 200 one-way links per domain. This works out at just over $29 per domain or 14.7 cents per link which is actually quite reasonable.

Linxboss Setup

Setup is extremely easy. You provide the five domain names that you want to build back links to and you also provide the URLs and anchor text keywords. What you have to do is decide how many URLs you want to split your links between. I read through the Linxboss documentation, watched the videos (really worthwhile doing) and decided that I would concentrate my links on just two URLs for each domain where each URL would receive 100 links over the course of the month. You also need to set up your “primary” and “secondary” keywords in Linxboss. The primary keyword for each domain receives 50% of the links while the rest of the links are divided between the secondary keywords. This diversity of anchor text is great as it allows for more natural link building.

Linxboss Disadvantages

Although not technically a disadvantage, the main thing that takes a bit of getting used to with Linxboss is that you really don’t have to do very much. If you are used to tinkering with settings and writing and spinning articles it might take a little getting used to. Really and truly, once you set it up you can just leave it to work while you get on with something else. Another disadvantage is that you don’t get a report that lists the webpages from where your links are coming. Linxboss and many other link building solutions do not share this information in the interests of protecting the integrity of the network. Linxboss does however have a built-in rank tracker so that you can monitor the rank of your URLs without having to leave the interface.

Linxboss Results

Where Linxboss shines is on performance and I guess this is all that really matters. I was surprised at just how quickly my URLs climbed the ranks for the specified keywords:

I took Linxboss out on 26th October 2011 and I am reporting these results on 7th November 2011 (just 11 days later). Note the keywords I am targeting here are mostly 2 word keyphrases (one three word keyphrase) in a very competitive niche.

Linxboss Results

Linxboss Results

UPDATE AFTER 1 MONTH It is now almost a month since Linxboss started working on these keywords and I pleased to report that results have been excellent. Unfortunately, one of the keywords (the last one) has not does as well as the other three. It has only gained 7 Google places in the entire month… a bit disappointing. Google reported this keyword as having 33,100 global monthly searches, 12,100 local monthly searches and as being Highly Competitive.

Linxboss Results

Linxboss Results After 1 Month

However, the other 3 keywords have done extremely well for themselves. The first one has gained 153 places and now sits in position 37. Google reported this keyword as having 450,000 monthly global searches and 60,500 local searches. Again this keyword was reported as being highly competitive.

The other two keywords ended up with movements from Google position 114 to 43 (550,000 GMS/ 90,500 LMS/ High Competition) and from 183 to 90 (246,000 GMS/ 110,000 LMS/ High Competition) respectively.

Overall… Linxboss is impressive! The main thing to remember is that I have thrown the tool a tough cookie and it is fairly much demolishing it in three out of the four cases.

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