Move from Free to Paid Hosting

Bessie Knows Best Website

Bessie Knows Best ( is a caravan review website for Northern Ireland and up until yesterday it had been hosted at no cost by 000webhost.

I have hosted a few personal websites on 000webhost in the past, and while it is great to avail of free hosting, I decided to move Bessie to paid for hosting for a number of reasons:

  • Reliability was noticeably worse than my paid hosting. For example, quite often my email client failed to retrieve email when it was asked.
  • Certain functionality in the CPanel, for example, backing up the website failed regularly.
  • It was not possible to update my WordPress Blog to the latest version of WordPress automatically as there is a 2MB upload_max_filesize limit imposed by 000webhost. This meant i had to do it manually.

It is very easy to move a WordPress Blog from one host to another where the domain name will not be changing.

  • Copy all files from the old host to the new host.
  • Backup the database from the old host
  • Create a new database on the new host. Create a database user and give that user the appropriate privileges for the database.
  • Import the database to the new host.
  • Modify the ‘DB_NAME’, ‘DB_USER’, ‘DB_PASSWORD’ and ‘DB_HOST’ in the wp-config.php to reflect the new host’s database.

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