SEO Advice When Creating a New Website

Web designers are often in a separate department to the SEO consultants. It is the designers job to make an attractive, user friendly website and the SEO consultants job to prepare the site for the search engines.

Often good web design means a good user experience, which is what the likes of Google wants. However the SEO guys are often left wishing some things had been done differently, so as to please the likes of Google. Below are a few things to keep in mind when creating a new website so that it has the best chance of ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Web Design

Use a platform which can easily be customised and edited

There are many platforms for creating sites including Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc… The one which stands out as being the easiest to edit is WordPress. This platform works brilliantly for most types of websites from magazine or news sites to blogs to ecommerce stores.

The reason is because WordPress is so popular. The sheer number of developers creating excellent themes and plugins means that the answer to a functionality question is usually just a quick search away. WordPress is relatively easy for website owners to learn, even if it is just to create the occasional blog post. The cost of excellent themes to use a a base design is around $50, so WordPress can save a lot on design costs too.

Use a design with a responsive theme or a have a mobile version

It is absolutely essential to have a website which looks good on mobile devices. People do not want to have to pinch the screen to enlarge text when visiting a website on their phone. For most sites a responsive design is the way to go. This will automatically re-size the text and other elements on a page depending on the visitor’s screen size. Most new WordPress themes are responsive.

For websites with certain elements such as customised booking forms, responsive design may not be suitable. In these situations you should create a mobile version of the website. You then add a little code telling web browsers when to show the full version and when to show the mobile version of a site. Having a mobile or responsive version may increase rankings for mobile searchers.

Make sure that your website loads as fast as possible

One major ranking factor is page load speed time. This is especially important for people with slow internet connections such as mobile users on the go. Images should be compressed and you should also use a caching plugin (if using WordPress). Upgrading from a shared hosting account to a VPS or dedicated hosting will also help to speed things up. There are web page speed checking websites like Pingdom to help with this.

Allow for meta information to be edited

The basics of on-page SEO is to ensure your keywords feature in the page text and headings on the page. This can be aided by editing the meta tags. It is essential to enable this functionality, which can be done with a plugin like SEO Yoast for WordPress. A good plugin like this will also have other options such as creating sitemaps which can help with indexing in the search engines. It is also important to allow image alt tags to be edited as this can help with SEO too.

Other SEO advice to keep in mind

First and foremost you want a website which is easy to use for visitors. This means a clear menu structure which is easy to understand and navigate. Pages shouldn’t link out to every other page on a website. Instead it is better to group similar pages together under one menu item. This also helps to retain pagerank on the more important pages.


When you do want to highlight a certain page to Google it can be linked to from within another pages’ text. By using a keyword for that page you may also help improve it’s rankings in the search engines. For example if you wanted to rank for SEO Cheshire you could include a link with that phrase like so: SEO Cheshire. This may just help people find the linked page when searching for an SEO consultant in Cheshire.

When SEO-ing a page you can use the Google Keyword planner to find the most searched for and relevant phrases. You can then take these phrases and include them in your copy and meta tags. This should be done in a way which does not hamper the user experience i.e. don’t over do it. The idea is simply to highlight what a page is about so that Google knows what phrases to rank it for.

Ways to Earn Money Online for Web Designers

Web designers can find a plethora of ways to make money by working online, and it is time to begin exploring those opportunities if you’ve not already. As a web designer you have an awesome talent that can be used in many different ways. And, many of those methods are those which can also put money in your pocket. We all have lives to lead, families to care for and debts to pay, so what could be better than putting your talents to good use?

Best ways to earn Cash

There are tons of ways to earn cash online as a web designer. You need nothing more than a computer, your skills and time and you have all that it takes to earn cash and as much or as little of it as you want. Take a look at a handful of the very best ways that you can earn cash online and start getting your share of the pie, too!

Making Money Online

Blogging: Not everyone has the creative visions needed to become a web designer, nor do they have the skills. They’re okay with this, but learning what you do is amazing to them. Creating a blog entailing the many joys of life as a web designer, how-to’s, tutorials, etc. through a blog could be a fun way to produce more income. In addition this will help build your credibility and reputation as a designer.

Create Stock Images: Stock images are used everywhere and almost any image you could imagine could be worth bucks. If you have a good camera and enjoy snapping photographs, consider this as a way to make extra income.

Offer Web Design Training: If you can teach others what you know it is possible to turn this into cash. Offering training and tutorials could enable others to be given a new, amazing skill while helping put cash in your pocket.

Design Logos: Logo design is yet another area for web designers to make money. Logos are lots of fun to design, and you really feel rewarded when the work is done. There is a great need for logo designers in today’s world so you can certainly find this a great way to produce a nice income.

Advertise Your Services: There’s plenty of places on the web where you can advertise your services free or at a reasonable cost. Of course you want to advertise what you have to offer. Otherwise how would you ever build a list of clients? Be sure to use a variety of online and offline sources to advertise and make the most of your business.

Job Boards: There are a number of online job boards out there and they list various jobs and taking a look at these online job boards can help you find many new positions that you would have otherwise been unaware of. It is free to use the boards and certainly worth your while when you are looking to make extra income from these online jobs.

Making Money Online

As you can see there are tons of fun and easy ways to make money online if you are a web designer, and you should take advantage of as many of these as you have time to and that interest you. Also keep in mind that there are tons of other ways to make money online as a web designer and you should always keep your eyes open for those ideas. You never know what type of new way to make money will come your way until you look. Money in the pocket is always a good thing, and these are certainly fabulous ways to put plenty into your pocket.

Reasons You Should Outsource Your SEO Work to an Indian SEO Company

These days everything is outsourced to third party. Due to the increasing cost of living and also the increasing spending power of people, they prefer getting things done from outside. Everything needs planning and planning takes time. Thus, people prefer saving time by spending money.

By spending some money they can save their precious time. Thus, people outsource tasks like wedding planning, advertising for the companies, etc. The third parties take a fee for accomplishing the tasks but they give you an assurance that your work will be done properly and well within the deadlines.

Sm Man on Bar Graph

Thus, you can sit back and relax. You will get a good output and that too well within the required timeframe. But, the homework you need to do is to find out which company would be able to do a good job for you. There are some hundreds of companies in the market which offer search engine optimization or SEO services. But all of them are not that great. Only a few of them would be able to offer you good services.

One out of hundred will be a good company offering quality services. Your challenge is to find out that one company. You can do it by taking help from the internet. You can research about all the good search engine optimization companies in the market. You can list down some ten to twenty SEO companies which have goodwill in the market. Thereafter you can go in depth and study about the works of these companies in particular. This would definitely take time but you will be sure to get the best.

The search engine optimization industry is quite popular globally, but the Indian information technology industry, has been flourishing like anything. A number of new and latest avenues have opened up in the Indian IT domain. The Indian industry of the search engine optimization stood second in the whole world last year. It offers the best of the search engine services to people.

The Indian professionals working in the search engine optimization industry have a clear understanding of the market. They know exactly what people want from them. Thus, they thrive all there engine towards the requirements of their clients. Also, that work closely with the customers to understand their needs better. Thus, that is able to give their best shot every single time.

Their output is perfect and their clients are more than satisfied. The companies working in the Indian SEO industry are mostly small but their back is strong as they work honestly and hard. They do an in depth study about the company before taking up from it. This helps them in knowing about the company. Thus, they are able to offer the company best of their services accordingly.

The Indian SEO companies are preferred by companies all over the world. And so there is a big demand for SEO professionals all over the country. But there are only few training institutes who provide quality SEO training. So the demand for good SEO training is also on the rise in India. Their growing demand and their improvement in services goes hand in hand. Their thirst to improve is never ending and this is what makes them stand out of the crowd.

While selecting the SEO company, you need to consider lot things. These things include your budget, the kind of job you need to get done, and many other such things. But out of all the other things, the most important thing to be kept in mind while hiring a search engine optimization company is the quality of work. You need to make sure that whatever company you are choosing, delivers you quality work.

You might save some money with a cheap SEO but this may prove to be harmful to you in the long run. Thus, instead of saving little amount of money and getting financial benefit in the short run, you should think about the bigger picture. By spending a little extra you might be able to get quality services. These services may prove beneficial to you in the long run. All this depends on the research you do for finding the best SEO company.

Irrespective of all other points, whenever you select a SEO company you should try to find it out from the Indian information technology industry only.